About HER COllective

We believe that every woman’s story is worth telling. It’s ok if you don’t have it all figured out… because we don’t either. HER Collective strives to eliminate the rose-colored filter we as women sometimes want to cast on life’s struggles. In an effort to heal and inspire, HER Collective brings to light the raw emotions and real hardships females experience every day. Through blogs, videos, and social discussions, HER Collective is building a supportive community where women feel open to share what they are going through. No matter your background, your past mistakes or current situation, we want you to understand that you are not alone and your voice matters. We hope sharing our stories (and telling others’) will help influence women use their voice and gifts in ways they never thought possible. Life is not easy, so let’s get through it together. Vulnerability can be intimidating and scary, but here you are Heard, Encouraged and Respect.

Let your voice be heard. Join in on the conversation.


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“ A collaborative digital diary.”

“ A collaborative digital diary.”



“Real women sharing real struggles.”